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I surely ended my 2016 with a blast! Contrary to what people perceive, Sagada is not only a place where broken hearts go. It is in fact the best sanctuary for happy hearts!

It was so easy to fall in love with this place and I can give you so many reason but I’ll give you top ones.

First, this place is so perfect to be one with the nature. Sagada is geographically located in the Cordillera Mountains within the Philippines’ Mountain Province so it is naturally surrounded with wonderful green things. From the mountain views to the fresh vegetables in the streets, it was all perfect!

After 2nd Paragraph.JPG(Photo taken after almost 6 hours of caving.)

Second, the food there were so delicious! Especially when it comes to their vegies, they were so fresh. I think its because of their climate and they say farmers use very minimal amount of pesticides. Though you can’t find any sea foods in their menus; just cultured fishes like Bangus because there’s no sea around the area.

After 4th Paragraph.JPG(Dined at Sagada Happy House. Its the restaurant where a scene from the movie That Thing Called Tadhana was filmed.)

Third, their climate! This is bitter-sweet experience for me though. Bitter because ITS FREEZING there! I had to wear jacket, pajamas and bonet all the time even when I sleep. And don’t even try asking me how I take a bath!  On the other hand, the weather gave me what I call the “Sagada Glow”. No big pores in my face, beautiful skin and very soft hair!

(Sagada’s surroundings are always covered with fog.)

Fourth, Sagada is a very quite town. I can’t think of any other place to unwind and detach myself from my toxic urban life. Virgin places like Sagada are the best!

After 6th Paragraph.JPG(Downtown Sagada)

Fifth, it offers great spots where you can splurge all your energy. Sagada is the best fit for people who are adventurous; people who are into extreme activities like trekking, spelunking and caving! Spelunking and caving give you the most body pain but its the highlight of my trip to Sagada!

Lastly, Sagada is a place where classic and contemporary culture converge! When people go to Mt. Province, people usually look for the Igorot Tribes. Actually, the residents of Sagada are all FBI (Full Blooded Igorots). They are mostly urbanized now but they still keep strong roots of their culture. And I tell you talking to one FBI is so fulfilling. They’ve got to be the most striving people I will ever know!

Also, I got to meet wonderful people on my trip to Sagada!

Unfortunately, during my stay in Sagada the weather is not so good so I wasn’t able to see the famous Sea of Clouds (Kiltepan Rce Terraces Sunrise Viewing). Banaue Rice Terraces was covered with fogs too.

We were also able to do a little side trip to Banaue and Baguio.

This has got to be the best trip so far! 2017 be ready for more adventures!



Since I have no time to make my own travel itinerary, I decided to book my trip to Sagada with Travel Galore! They have the cheapest deal in town 😉Plus their service is really good, its so easy to do transactions with them. They offer great deal with NO HIDDEN CHARGES and I can assure they are trustworthy! We had the coolest driver too. Kuya Kevin Leong, thank you so much for the sweet and safe ride!

Travel Galore itinerary is very flexible. You have many choices of what tourist spots in Sagada you want to visit.

I booked for 2 persons so it cost me Php 2,799.00 per pax; that’s for 3 days 2 night stay in Sagada and a side trip in Baguio and Banaue. If you book for more people it will cost you less. They also accept private tours if you decided to travel with your friend and family only. In our case, we did the joint tour with 8 other people.

For you’re food, prepare at least Php.120.00-Php180.00 per meal for one person. It maybe a bit expensive but the food is so worth it! Plus if you have tight budget one serving is good for 2 persons already. Just ask the cafe or resto how big is their servings.

There are lot of souvenir shops around so if you’re the type of person who likes to buy pasalubong you can bring with you Php. 1,500.00-Php2,000.00. That amount will give so many good pasalubong already!

Other expenses are up to you. Since we traveled before New Year we got to celebrate NYE there. We had a little inuman sesh with our other travel buddies. Try their rice wine its good for celebrations.

If you have any questions, just leave a message and I’ll be glad to answer!


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