Big CHECK to Czech Republic

Part of being an Erasmus student is traveling in almost all  of the European countries!  And Prague, Czech Republic must be in your bucket list. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world:  City of a Hundred Spires and UNESCO monument.

Last November 2016, I attended the Erasmus gathering in Prague and it was pretty awesome. Here are some of my    experiences while traveling with my classmates and meeting other Erasmus students:

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Photo slideshow of our 3 days trip in Prague, Czech Republic

5 things you should not miss when you visit Prague:

1. Appreciate the architecture at its finest

The beautiful city of Prague has a  myriad of architectural styles. The city is truly a must travel destination for all, historians, tourists, and especially students of architecture and arts. Most of these architectural gems have been meticulously renovated and restored, with the most painstaking level of attention and love. Visit Prague Guide

2. Your  pair of boots are really  made for walking
Would you like to experience the Heart of Europe from the inside-out? then probably let your feet enjoy the experience of the walking tour in Prague! You got to see every detail of  the marvelous city.  Various tours, with unique perspectives, through the insiders eyes.

3. Taste some traditional food
Taste Czech  thicker stew cut of beef, and served with dumplings goulasch and  one of the most popular Czech pastries: “kremrole” basically cream in a roll, a bit reminiscent of cannoli. Other Czech food and where you can find it

4. Connect with people and other international students
Make friends and have fun! Make friends, invite them for walks or even have some cheers in pubs or coffee shops. Fruitful conversation with friends and new found friends  from different countries or even locals will make your visit in Prague  extra special.

5. Don’t go to bed too early
If you jut have some short trip in Prague such as 1-3 days, then you should enjoy the city which is more beautiful at night.

Every experience in this marvelous city is worth it. Enjoy Prague!


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